Whatsapp new privacy policy 2021 | Alternative like Signal

WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021 | Alternatives like Signal, Telegram


  • WhatsApp has updated their policies
  • If agreed, the data would send from WhatsApp to Facebook
  • Facebook lately had to follow Apple rules
  • Remind, Facebook owns WhatsApp
Let’s start with, “If the app is free, then you’re the product“. It is rightly said that we are the product because of our precious data on the web. Likely, WhatsApp sent an update on their new privacy policy. A pop-up message appears for users asking them to agree to the new changes. If agreed, the data would send from WhatsApp to Facebook. These privacy issues need to regulate. The US government and other governments have interfered with Facebook. Facebook has become a giant data-collecting platform. And probably this update has to do with the problems they’ve been facing Apple, which I’ll discuss in this blog.

What should WhatsApp users do?

Users can close the pop-up message, and the last day to accept the new policy is the 8th February. If you don’t agree to the new terms, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp anymore. Users can go with their Alternatives like the Signal app, Telegram, GBWhatsapp, and more. However, these alternatives provide you the same interface experience just like Whatsapp. I will discuss in detail these alternatives in our upcoming paragraph.

Problem between Facebook and Apple

iOS14 will show users the amount of data being collected from Facebook. Users have the right to reject being tracked by Facebook. Facebook is exposed to the amount of data they collect from users. They collect the data to help them with marketing targeted ads to users based on their interests.
But Facebook doesn’t like that, and they’ve attacked Apple in campaigns and ads targeted at them. They say that Apple has no right to show users the data we collect. And this will affect small and medium businesses and cut their profit.

Data collected by Whatsapp, Facebook, Signal and Telegram

Signal Messenger

Data Collected: Let’s start with Signal, which is a small app. It doesn’t collect anything from users. But it only needs your Phone number for registration purpose. Also, a report claims that this app doesn’t link your mobile number to your identity. [for more information, refer below screenshot]
Signal collect data


Data Collected: Secondly, Telegram only collects general data like Contact info (User name, phone number), Identifiers (user id), Contacts. [For more information, refer below screenshot]
Telegram collect data


Data Collected: Let’s move to WhatsApp, it collects data on broader scale. Purchases history, financial info, user’s location, contact info, contacts, user content, user id, data usage, other diagnostics, and more. This is the amount of data it collects. [for more information, refer below screenshot]
Whatsapp collect data

Facebook Messenger

Data Collected: Let me tell you the shocking amount of data Facebook collects from its users. It collects all your Browsing history, Sensitive info, financial info, and many more. [for more information refer, below screenshot]
Facebook messanger collect data

Do you understand why Apple is fighting them?

However, I hope Google will do the same thing with their privacy policies. What’s left with our privacy with all this data Facebook collects from us? We’re just normal users. They are doing more things that we don’t know yet. This means that our privacy is non-existent. To clarity, there’s a law that you should know. In the past, they used to say if the product is free, then you’re the product. And now I say,
  • If the app is free, then you’re the product.
  • And, if the video platform is free, then you’re the product.
  • And also, If the service is free, then you’re the product.
This is the new technology situation in this world we live in. But Facebook had to comply in the end. They emailed their partners about this. They told them that they have no other choice but to comply and show users the amount of data we collect. And this will affect our business too. If users don’t agree with our policies, then our business might not be successful. But Facebook had to comply and once again Apple has deservedly won. They won because they defend users with these apps through their App Store.
Which is an excellent thing, but how does Apple do with their privacy policy? What matters is that they defend users with these apps. It looks like this year is going to good. I’ll ask you to do three things that won’t cost you anything. Like this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and please give your precious feedback on this topic in the comment section.

Some Facts on Twitter

For the first time in Twitter’s history, they prevent a US president from using his account. Donald Trump’s account has been frozen. It’s worthing mentioning that Trump agreed to new laws that prevent certain apps from working in the US. Besides the pressure already on the TikTok app. The apps include WeChat Pay, AliPay, And apps such as Tencent QQ and Tencent QQ Wallet. These are Chinese apps that users in the US can use. They did this step out of fears of sharing the data of users with the Chinese government along with unmonitored transfers between the two great countries. The fears made Trump take this decision. Meantime, he can’t use his Twitter account.
What is this law? It is a strange time, even at the beginning of the year. There are Twitter accounts that an ex-president can’t use at all. He’s blocked from using his social media accounts.

WhatsApp Alternative

If you are worried about your precious data then I would suggest you go with WhatsApp Alternative like GBWhatsapp. It is full of advanced features that Whatsapp doesn’t provide. I have Guided with a blog that how you can download and install it without facing any issues. Don’t worry it is just like as Official WhatsApp but with Advanced features like you can download friends status, watch deleted messages, hide online status, etc. For further queries, you can message us on Instagram.

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