How to use Signal Private Messenger App: Elon Musk

How to use Signal Private Messenger App: Elon Musk

How to Use Signal App 2021
We all want to communicate more privately. Even the likes of Elon Musk and Edward Snowden look to encrypted messaging apps. After all, conversations should be limited to us and the person, we’re sending the messages to. That’s why a private encrypted messaging app is a pretty great way to shake the feeling, that we’re being surveilled. That’s where the Signal App comes in the private messaging app. It lets, users talk to co-workers family friends, and groups using end-to-end encryption. This app has long been regarded as a favourite by cybersecurity experts. Most recently the tech lord, Elon Musk who bigged up a signal over Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and somehow caused a completely non-related company called Signal App. Advanced to have a huge surge in shares.
So let’s take a look at, how you can use this app signal messenger and some nice customization settings you might find handy.
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How to Download and Use Signal App

So firstly, you’ll need to download the signal app you can get this app on Android, iPhone, iPad mac, windows, and Linux. Best of all, the developers behind signal software are non-profit and have no major ties with any tech giants. So, the app is free for all users. And you’ll find this app has no ads or trackers either, which is pretty great. You can use your, personal data or wi-fi to send text, voice messages, photos, videos, gifs, and files. So, you don’t need to use your SMS or MMS allowance.

The Basics

Signal App Android 2021
Now, once you’re all set up, you can connect this application to your existing contacts. So, if you’re looking to send a message, remember, the recipient will need to have Signal installed too. To start, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner. Here, you can either create a group by tapping “new group“. Message a new user by manually typing in their phone number, invite friends to use the signal app, or just browse existing contacts that are already using the app. Once you’ve found your chosen contact, it will open up a message window. Here you can video call or phone call similarly to Whatsapp and Facebook, by either clicking the telephone icon or the video camera icon.
You can simply type a message or if you want to send a photo, file, gif, or even a specific location, you can click the plus icon on the left and choose this option. To send a photo, you will need to grant access to your mobile photos, which can be done in your phone settings, similarly to audio recordings, access will need to be granted first from your settings. So far it’s pretty standard. Many options are similar to standard messaging apps like WhatsApp (Facebook), so you won’t find yourself getting too flustered.

Handy Customization

Now, there are quite a few ways to customize this app and tailor it to your specific requirements.
  • You have the option to slightly customize the interface by clicking your initials in the top left corner, tapping “appearance“, and then choosing whether you want to be on the light or dark side of the force.
  • Also under the privacy section, you can customize more advanced settings like, “read receipts“, which if enabled will tell contacts if you have read a message or not.
  • There’s also an “always relay calls“, an option which if enabled will hide your IP address from your contacts, by directing your calls through a Signal server. This is handy but bears in mind that it will drastically reduce the quality of your calls.
  • In this section, you could also enable the “registration lock“, which means anyone who tries to register to signal app with your phone number. It will have to provide your signal pin, giving you an extra level of security and peace of mind.
  • Now, you can also tailor options with specific people, by opening up the chat window with that person and clicking their name. Best of all, in this section, you can enable “disappearing messages“, which will mean sent and received messages, disappear from the chat automatically. Pretty handy if you’re someone who forgets to clear chat history or just generally wants a private conversation thread. So, if you regularly have sensitive communication. Because you work with sensitive data or you generally share private information over messaging apps.
  • Signal has a next-level security practice called “safety numbers“. In short, it’s a unique number that each of your chats has and can be verified. If any changes were to take place with any of your verified numbers, you would be notified by Signal. This not only helps you to know that your communication is private, through authentication, but it helps to stop various cyber attacks too.
Verified contacts will have a checkmark in their chat header. There is also a fairly new security feature Signal introduced, which means you can blur faces in any photos before sharing them. This was introduced specifically to protect the identity of protesters but could have many uses. This can simply be done by taking a photo and then clicking the circle icon at the top of the screen, here you can either automatically blur faces by sliding the button or manually blur faces or distinguishing attributes like tattoos by using your finger.

A few factor to consider

So, unfortunately, there are a few things to consider. Now you should know, no encrypted messaging app is 100% full-proof. Signal, like many other apps focusing on user privacy, have had their share of bugs and vulnerabilities over the years, which are usually patched up after the discovery. However, when it comes to anonymity, Signal just does more than say, WhatsApp, to protect users. One of the best things about Signal is that you don’t have to worry about turning on or off certain privacy settings before using it, like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. It’s pretty secure by default and just has some additional customization options for a high level of security.

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